Join the Innovative Produce team and become part of our family run company. We aspire to lead change and cultivate the highest and most innovative standards in our industry by looking for and empowering the best and brightest. That's why we hold our employees to a higher standard.

Who We Hire

A member of the innovative community is a knowledgeable, forward thinking individual capable of collaborating with teams and successfully working alone. Because of the fast paced, dynamic, and diverse environment, you'll be asked to balance multiple tasks at once while effectively communicating with your fellow workers.

What Our Employees Say

Our employees feel proud to be a part of a company that encouraged them to become better problem solvers and forward thinkers. They say the relationships they form with other employees have further developed the family-based caring environment Innovative Produce was built upon. This makes Innovative Produce their home away from home. One member of the office staff said becoming a member of the Innovative family and immersing in our lifestyle, “has made me want to continue the tradition and uphold the standards of respect, fairness, diversity and humility which were established many generations ago.”

Terrific Benefits for Full-time Employees

Full-time employees enjoy these benefits:

  • Health, dental, and vision care
  • 401k retirement savings
  • Paid vacation
  • Paid holidays
  • Paid sick leave

How to Apply

To apply, stop by our office, give us a call, or email your resume and completed application to: Veronica@innovativeproduce.com

Current Employment Opportunities

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Please check back soon for our upcoming employment opportunities.