Get to Know Innovative Produce

Innovative Produce is a sixth generation produce farming company located in California’s beautiful Santa Maria Valley. We’re passionate about farming and production practices that result in the healthiest and most delicious organic and conventional products available anywhere.

What We Believe

We strive to lead the industry. Our company goals keep us grounded and focused on what matters most. We believe in:

  • Leading the industry by providing a culture of diversity, accepting people of every race, appearance, religious belief, and sexual orientation.
  • Providing a consistent supply of organic and conventional produce that is affordable, delicious, long-lasting, and healthy.
  • Good management practices, competitive pay, respectful and enjoyable workplace conditions, food and workplace safety, and developing trust among suppliers, employees, and customers.
  • Responsible environmental resource management of land, water and air which is cultivated by a competitive environment and high productivity research, including the development of water supplies, solar power, reduced erosion, improved plant varieties, irrigation efficiency, sustainability, etc.
  • Collaborative relationships and partnerships in cooling (Guadalupe Cooling), sales (Beachside Produce), and various other local entities such as Central Coast Water Quality Preservation Inc., Grower-Shipper Vegetable Association of San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties, Western Growers Association, Farm Bureau, Ag Safe, and the Food Bank of Santa Barbara County.
  • Helping people in extreme financial or mental need. We fund technological advances in the fields of medicine, culture, law, and social awareness in our local community. We believe in helping people who have a true and dire need for immediate help.
  • The highest ethical business and humanitarian standards. We work hard to implement ethical standards on each ranch, crew, and to each employee. Our competitors may only be ethical when customers are looking. We are ethical all the time.

Our Team

At the heart of our business is our close-knit team of people, led by George and Deborah Adam, sixth generation Santa Maria Valley farmers.

George Adam President and Owner

Along with managing daily operations at Innovative Produce, George is currently active in the farming industry and the local community.

  • Western Growers Board of Director
  • Ag Future Alliance
  • Water Quality Preservation Inc. Board Member
  • Marian Medical Foundation Board of Director

He graduated with a degree in Ag Business Management with a concentration in Farm Management from California Polytechnic State University.

Deborah Adam Chief Financial Officer and Owner

In addition to her busy job as CFO and owner of Innovative Produce, Deborah is actively involved in industry organizations, including:

  • Santa Barbara County Foodbank Board of Trustees
  • Ag Safe Board of Directors
  • California Women for Agriculture (member)

She earned a degree in Dietetics & Food Administration from California Polytechnic State University.

Involved in the Communities Where We Live and Work

We know it's not enough to provide jobs and operate a business. We're passionate about being active participants in building the community where we live and work. That's why you'll see us sponsoring and supporting local activities and events.

As produce growers, we're responsible for helping feed hungry families close to home. We donate thousands of pounds of fresh vegetables each year to our local food bank, so underprivileged families have healthy food choices for their tables.