Food Safety

Diligence and innovation in farming practices results in high quality and safe produce for your enjoyment. We're serious about produce that exceeds the highest quality and safety standards, and are passionate about leading the agricultural industry into a safe, sustainable, and healthy future.

Faith Farming and The Primus Rating

Innovative Produce owners George and Debbie Adam also own and operate Faith Farming, a company dedicated to safe and efficient vegetable harvesting.

Our food safety programs extend through every aspect of our companies. It's our goal and mission (maybe even an obsession) to maintain the highest food safety standards possible. It's a passion that's paid off. Primus rated our practices as Excellent to Superior, a rating we intend to keep.

Being proactive and practical in our approach to food safety comes naturally here. By making sound decisions based on valid science, we develop practical and functional solutions to any and all problems that come our way. It's how we protect and improve our consumers' health.

Our Food Safety Program follows all federal and state regulations and is consistent with the standards using PrimusGFS
(Global Food Safety) initiative. Plus, we follow the California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement.

Keeping Innovation at the Forefront of our Company

Innovation is more than part of our company name. Food safety in our growing practices, harvest operations, and throughout the supply chain is fueled by our culture and pursuit of innovation. We keep researching and investing in our already world-class safety practices.

Want to learn more about our food safety or have questions? Get in touch and let's talk.